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Okay so I actually finished this a few months ago and didn't realize I hadn't posted it yet... Sorry about that! ^_^"

S2 S2 S2 S2 S2

The night was calm, the stars vivid and bright overhead alongside the crescent moon that showed as little more than a silver sliver hanging high in the sky. A few thin wisps of cloud drifted across the deep midnight blanket, blocking out a few of the pale pinpricks of light, but not nearly enough to cast the world into complete shadow.

The only thing that really made the night any different than usual to the dark eyes of the hunter that stalked along the edge of a rooftop, was the dark smoke that drifted up into the sky, not too far south of where he stood, his keen eyes easily catching sight of the flames that licked at the aging wood structure below He paid it little heed though, barely making an annoyed sound low in his throat as the acrid smell of the accursed smoke reached his nostirels, despite the faint breeze that blew it the opposite direction and made his hair sway minutely with the warm wind.

That was one smell he never quite got used to no matter how many times it reached him; the stench of a raging blaze burning all it touched to no more than ash and cinder, and the memories it ignited were quickly brushed aside with an agitated growl. He turned his attention back to the task at hand, continuing his moonlit stroll across the raised edge of the rooftop and keeping his gaze locked firm on the ground below.

The streets were virtually empty as far as keen eyes could see, very few willing to venture out at this hour, even in a part of the city where sparse signs of life could usually be sighted no matter what the hour, and he vaguely wondered if the fire he could see in the distance was part of the reason why.

Before his thoughts could wander any farther a sound reached his ears, a soft chiming and the opening of a door, soon followed by the sound of a woman's voice calling a soft farewell. He listened a moment as the door closed, and, finding only one set of footsteps, he hopped from his perch at the rooftop's edge, strolling over to the opposite side of the building at a leisurely pace.

He scanned the street below, ignoring the scent of cigarette and cigar smoke, and varying kinds of alcohol that drifted up from the pub on the other side, his eyes quickly finding the woman who's voice he'd heard from the other side as she made her way around a corner.

He scoffed softly, scanning the ground below for any other signs of life before taking a few steps back. He took a short running start for good measure, easily jumping to the rooftop opposite where he stood, crouching slightly as he landed before straightening up and walking along the raised edge with the grace and silence of a jungle cat. It didn't take him long to catch up with the unsuspecting mortal, and soon he was walking directly above her.

He could easily smell the alcohol on her, the cheep brandy along with the smell of cigarette and cigar smoke, the combination almost enough to make him wretch and turn away, saunter off in search of another, more appealing, target, but he didn't. It had taken too long to find a suitable piece of prey, and as unappealing as her scent may have been, he knew he couldn't be picky.

That seemed to be the law these days; you get picky, you die.

Simple as that.

He'd seen it happen numerous times. A vampire got picky and refused to feed from just anyone and eventually starved thanks to that stubborn pride that prevented them from lowering their standards, until they were nothing but ravenous animals. That, or they ended up killing whoever lived up to those standards, which forced them to get involved and... well, when they got involved, the one they were after usually wasn't heard from again.

He paused as he reached the edge of the rooftop, watching from his perch on the corner as the woman ran across the street, barely sober enough to keep from stumbling. He scoffed quietly, jumping the gap in the same fashion as earlier, and easily catching up, a small smirk forming on his lips as she turned down an alleyway.

Human's could be so foolish sometimes.

He turned, following her course and moving ahead to crouch low on the rooftop's edge. He stopped breathing, fangs slowly lengthening as lean muscles coiled, dark red-rimmed irises locked on the woman and counting down the moment before she would pass the space below so he could pounce.




He leaned forward over the edge, ready to drop down as the woman passed him, only to freeze in place just as he prepared to drop, a sharp wind blowing, shifting his hair where it rested in the tight confines of the strict ponytail and carrying with it something that completely wiped the woman from his mild.

The scent was sweet, almost overwhelmingly so, but there was a fresh undertone to it that made it bearable along with a tang that made his gums ache, his canines lengthening before he could even think to stop them. His breathing slowed, becoming deeper as he drank in the tantalizing scent, trying to identify exactly what that delicious aroma was.

Slowly he straightened from his crouch, shooting the woman one last glance as she disappeared around the corner at the end of the alley. He didn't even consider going after her, instead facing straight forward, and closing his eyes. He held his breath for a few long moments to try and push down his instincts, and fight back the temptation. It had been a long time since he'd scented anything quite so appealing, and, while he wasn't about to let such a thing slip away, he knew he couldn't afford to let his instincts get the better of him with something like this.

But, as he began to calm, he realized something; the scent was too pronounced, too clear and too potent, unhindered by the flesh that should have contained it, a sure sign that something was wrong.

His eyes opened, and a furrow formed in his brow as he began moving in the direction of the scent, unsure whether it was curiosity or temptation driving him forward, or if it was annoyance at the thought of how much of that delicious smelling elixir was being spilled and wasted when it could have been sliding down his throat and quenching his thirst.

The scent steadily grew stronger the closer he got, and he knew his eyes had no doubt shifted from dark blue to deep crimson, pupil becoming a thin diamond, stilted and catlike. Within a few moments, he slowed his pace, pausing when he reached a rooftop where the scent drifted up from down below. He could feel his senses beginning to cloud, the too appealing smell seeming to catch him in it's alluring web, but he did his best to resist it's call.

Taking a deep breath and holding it, he glanced over the side of the rooftop, resting one leg on the edge as his eyes scanned the alley below, quickly finding their target. A small form laid sprawled on the ground, head turned toward one of the walls surrounding the dead end street, while a dark spot formed on the side of their neck, dripping down and pooling on the ground around them, matching the dark stain on the side of his chest.

The hunter pushed back the small pang of something that attempted to make itself known in his chest, and dropped down, landing almost silently and taking a few steps towards the wounded mortal. His eyes scanned over the unfamiliar form, taking it in. Now that he was closer, he could tell that it was a young male, maybe fifteen or sixteen at the most. Brown hair was splayed on the ground and sticking to his face, and through a place where the strands parted, he could see a faint glint of unseeing silver locked on the wall, and another small pool of blood had formed around his face as well.

He didn't even bother entertaining the thought of feeding from this boy any longer, not when he knew the blood of a dead man, no matter how fresh, would only make him ill, and he couldn't help but feel mildly disappointed.

Giving a soft sigh, he turned to leave, when the dark spot on the boy's neck caught his eye. He paused before moving closer and examining the wound, feeling annoyance and anger begin to make themselves known. The wound on his neck was jagged, and deep and his blood stained white shirt was torn. Several deep gashes could be seen through the tattered remains as though someone had dragged sharpened talons across the skin just so they could tear it and make the boy cry out in agony. The hunter couldn't help but feel the smallest pang of something, whether it was sympathy or pity he wasn't sure himself though he did his best to ignore it.

He stood, growling low in his throat. There was another like him near, and they were hunting in his territory, not just that but killing prey that was meant to be his. "Che, and they couldn't even clean up their mess either," He half scoffed, lightly nudging the boy's shoulder with his foot.

A soft croaking sound escaped the boy, and the vampire's eyes widened a fraction, in disbelief. Slowly, he knelled down on one knee and he lightly nudged the boy once more, listening intently.

Another soft, nearly indistinguishable croak and the sudden stirring of a too quiet heartbeat.

He was still alive.

He swore under his breath in disbelief, and before he even realized what he was doing, he had pulled the scarf from around his neck and was looping one arm around the boy's shoulders, trying to ignore the burn in his throat as he sat him up, wrapping the scarf around his neck in case the wound on his neck was still bleeding. With the new position, he could see the deep cuts that had stained half the boys face red with blood and he was once again shocked at the fact that the boy was still alive.

Hooking one arm under the boy's legs when the scarf was secured, he took a quick glance around, wondering vaguely what the fuck he was doing before he took to the rooftops once more.

S2 S2 S2 S2 S2

It took longer than he would have liked to reach his loft, having had to keep his pace slow so as not to jostle the boy and his wounds too much, and repeatedly having to berate himself and snap himself back to reality when he began getting dragged in by the boy's scent once again.

He landed on the second story balcony with a muted thud. Maneuvering the boy in his arms as gently as he could, he opened the sliding glass door and stepped inside.

He barely realized the way he'd been listening to the human's heartbeat and breathing until he heard the kid's breath hitch in his throat before going back to the ragged rhythm it had maintained before. He could hear something off in the boy's breathing, as light and indistinguishable as it was, almost like liquid in his lungs, though there wasn't much. He assumed it was blood from how much of it seemed to cover the kid-it wouldn't have surprised him one bit if the brat had accidentally inhaled some.

He turned to close the door behind him, tensing slightly and taking a quick step to the side as he caught a flash of blurred red from the corner of his eye, accidentally jostling the boy in his arms and hearing his heartbeat falter ever so slightly. He heard the glass shudder as a form collided with it, and silently thanked whatever deity there was that the door hadn't cracked from the force.

With a sharp snarl, he turned his gaze on his intruder, already knowing who he'd find there. A tall red head stood before him, one eye covered with an eye patch, the other a vibrant green that was locked on the newly returned hunter.

"Aww~ Yuu, that was mean~" The ginger said, giving the him a pout. Seemingly unaware of the murderous aura that surrounded the dark haired vampire, the ginger's eye shifted to the boy in his arms. The red-head leaned in for a better look, blatantly entering his personal space. "Who's your friend?" He asked, a note of mild concern in his voice as he seemed to notice the blood on his face and chest.

"I told you never to call me that, Lavi" he growled, the boy in his arms the only thing stopping him from punching said red head in the jaw-and possibly taking the fucking pureblood's head off with the blow. He had enough blood to clean up from the brat, so he'd just have to kill the rabbit later-preferably outside where he wouldn't have to worry about the mess."Hell if I know. Now why the hell are you here?"

"I just wanted to pay ya' a visit. Is that so bad?"

"I don't believe you in the slightest, but since you're here anyway you might as well help me with this," He sighed, turning away from the redhead and moving to the hall.

He took the boy to the spare bedroom, setting him on the bed before swiftly tearing away his tattered shirt revealing the lightly toned chest underneath and the bleeding gashes no doubt left behind by his assailant, before he removed the scarf revealing the gaping wound in the boy's throat.

"Damn Yuu!" Lavi cried, his eye widening as he came in to kneel beside the bed to get a good look at the boy's wounds, "I get that he smells good, but did ya' have t' feed like a newborn? I mean seriously-!"

"I didn't do this, retard, and it's Kanda."

The red head looked at him curiously, "You didn't?"

"Che, of course not. Why would I bring him back here if I were the one responsible?"

"Then who...?"

Kanda scoffed loudly, taking a few steps back and crossing his arms over his chest. "I don't fucking know, Usagi. Now, will you shut the fuck up and see if there's anything that can be done before the kid croaks." He was in no mood to play twenty questions in an attempt to satisfy the rabbit's seemingly never ending curiosity, and he had little doubt that he would have thrown him off the balcony the instant he saw him, if it weren't for the kid. As annoying as the red-head could be, he knew that if anyone would know how to help the brat, it'd be him and the old geezer. And if the geezer wasn't around, he'd have to settle for him.

Kanda could almost see the switch turn in the usagi's mind, his expression going from that goofy look he usually wore, to a more serious one as he moved over to examine the boy's neck, before resting his ear against the kid's chest. He pulled back after a moment and slowly shook his head, with a soft sigh.

"Yuu... the kid's heart is barely beating. It doesn't take a genius to see he's lost a lot of blood, and it sounds like there's fluid in his lungs, probably his own blood. The only way he even has a chance at being saved is..."

A heavy silence fell, the unspoken words hanging in the air.

"I'm not gonna turn the kid," Kanda said flatly, "I won't push this mockery of a life onto someone who's not even conscious."

"Kanda, the only way this kid's gonna live is if he's given a vampire's blood. The wounds are too severe for a human to survive without some... intervention. I can guarantee you that he won't survive till sunrise if we try to treat his wounds normally."

"Then I guess he's going to die," Kanda replied turning towards the door. It made no difference to him whether the boy lived or died. It was only on a whim that he'd brought the boy back here in the first place. That's what he figured anyway. It was the only explanation why he hadn't just left him in the alley.

"There's a chance he won't if you give him your blood, though, Kanda."

The dark haired paused in his stride, shifting narrowed eyes to lock on the redhead over his shoulder. "Is that supposed to make a difference to me? Why should I care if some brat I don't eve know dies or not?"

Lavi sighed, fixing a bright green eye on the dark haired male. "Because it's not like you to just bring random strays home. You must have some desire to see him live..." His eye drifted to the boy on the bed for a moment, then back to Kanda, "His wounds... they're similar to how someone else's were, aren't they?"

Kanda's brow twitched and he gave a loud scoff before turning back to the rabbit, "And need I remind you what happened to them?" He sneered, a distinct tone of bitterness lacing his tone. "And if you want to save the kid, why don't you just give him your blood, rabbit?"

"If I do it, he'll turn for sure. There's a chance he won't if it's you. You were turned, so your blood's not as potent. There's a chance it'll be able to heal him without him becoming one of us, so long as he doesn't die with it in his system."

Kanda was quiet a few long moments, and the red-head gave another deep sigh, "The longer you hesitate the less likely it is to work."

Giving a low 'tch' Kanda moved back over to the bed, dark eyes running across the kid's form, before locking on the blood covering his face, the distinct line of a long cut curving on his cheek. Without a word he seated himself on the bed, looping an arm loosely around the boy's shoulders and sitting him up, watching as his head lolled back, lips slightly parted. He brought his wrist to his lips, letting his fangs extend before sinking them deep into his own flesh. He cringed a bit as the sickeningly sweet taste of his own blood danced on his tongue.

He pulled it away, glancing at Lavi as he licked the blood from his lips and let his wrist hover over the human's lips, a few drops of blood dripping onto his lips and his already bloodied cheek. "If he turns, I'm blaming you."

"So be it," Lavi replied, a small smile curling his lips.

With that, Kanda pressed his bloodied wrist fully to the boy's lips

Sangue e Lussuria: Chapter 2

So there we have it at last. Sorry again for not posting this before, I honestly thought I had ^_^"

I'd like to thank everyone who faved and commented on the last chapter. I was, admittedly pretty nervous about bringing this back and rewriting it, so I was really happy to see that there's still interest in this story! Thank you all so much!

I already have the next chapter mostly done, so hopefully I'll have it up within a descent time frame this time. But in the meantime I'd love to know what everyone thought of this chapter.

Thank you all very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!



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